• Kooky Play

    The combination garden room, features a fully-insulated interior with veranda. The best of both worlds for your own she-shed/man-cave that can also be enjoyed with family and friends.

    Ready-to-go Features*

    5m x 4m model with 2.5m height

    • Oak or Douglas Fir frame
    • 20m2 floor area and 30m2 roof area giving generous overhang
    • Durable flat roof with 10 year guarantee 
    • Engineered hardwood flooring 
    • Beautifully finished fully double-glazed doors fitted with secure lock 

    Personalisation Options

    • Select your own combination of modular panels and for other base sizes 
    • Doors can be placed on the long-side or short-side of the building
    • Sedum Roof System
    • Pre-wired for Electric and Wi-Fi 
    • Under-floor Heating 
    • Roof Lanterns Canvas Shades available 
    • Flexible Finishes for Flooring, Interior Paint and Wallpaper

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Kooky WoodWorks Ltd is a Limited Company registered in England under no. 10336487. Registered Office at Noaks Farm, Straight Road, Boxted, Colchester CO4 5RA.

The following Terms & Conditions apply to work by Kooky WoodWorks Ltd, hereinafter KWW.

The fees quoted at the beginning of any project are estimates only. Any change in nature or scope will require re-evaluation. Any revisions or additions to approved designs will be billed at hourly rates and when applicable may involve additional materials costs. A revision is defined as follows: any changes after receipt of client approval in writing or any alterations to the design after client approval. If charges exceed the estimate we will obtain your authorisation before proceeding. A change order will be provided.

Project Initiation
KWW will not initiate work on any project without prior Client written approval of the overall objectives of the project, as well as receipt of deposit payments outlined below. Timetables committed to by KWW begin only upon approval and receipt of the above and are subject to changes should the Client, its agency, or other critical suppliers fail to meet agreed-upon schedules for the supply of requisite information and materials. We aim to carry out the Services by the dates and times we outline in our estimate to you. But we cannot guarantee or provide a firm commitment that there won’t be certain situations or events which occur which are not within our reasonable control, i.e. weather, force majeure or act of god, materials delivery delayed by third party suppliers, instances where we have to wait for other providers of services (who have been engaged by you) to complete their work before we are able to perform the Services (or the relevant part of the Services dependent on the other provider if ordered at short notice);

Payment Schedule
a) Services: Payment for our Services shall be as follows, unless otherwise agreed in estimate:
a. a deposit of 60% when you and we enter into the contract;
b. a further payment of 30% within 2 days of the build/installation commencement date
c. final payment of 10% on or within 7 days of the date of Completion
b) Materials: Unless we advise otherwise in our estimate, if we need to buy Materials in order to perform the Services then we require you to pay 100% for them at the time(s) you make your deposit payment for the Services as set out above.

Things you will need to do
You should remove any items (you are able to remove) from the areas in the Premises where we will be performing the Services by the date or time when we are due to start. You will allow us to gain access to the Premises at the dates and times we and you agree when we will perform the Services. Unless we have agreed otherwise in writing, you will obtain all necessary consents, permissions and approvals before we start performing the Services and send us a copy before we schedule a start date. For example, if the Services we are to perform require planning permission, you will have obtained that permission (and have the appropriate documentation available) before we start; and/or if you are a tenant, you will have obtained the permission or consent of your landlord and you will have the permission or consent in writing.
During the times we are providing the Services you will a) allow us access to a water supply; b) allow us to use electricity from normal 220/240 volt 3-pin sockets; c) allow us to leave our tools and Materials at the Premises at times when we are not performing the Services; d) provide us with means to access and leave the Premises; e) allow us to use your toilet and washing facilities; and f) provide a parking space or when required a permit (for a visitor) throughout the time we are providing the Services (if required or imposed by a local or other authority).

Some restrictions and assumptions
We will only be responsible for any measurements we make or provide. We do not provide structural surveys or provide opinions or advice on structural or other building related matters. If you need such a survey, advice etc please consult a chartered or other professionally qualified surveyor. If we have agreed in writing to provide Services which involve acting as your agent in relation to any planning and/or building regulations we provide such Services as administrative assistance only and we will only submit a planning application for you if you have identified a planning requirement for the Premises. We do not provide opinions or advice on matters relating to any legal restrictions placed over the title to the Premises. If you need such legal advice please consult a qualified conveyancer or solicitor. We will assume that all information, measurements and facts (including anything relating to the planning and/or building regulations, licences, consents or other permissions necessary) that you provide are accurate and true.

Understanding Timber and its Natural Characteristics
Being an entirely natural product no two pieces of timber are the same. It has a number of inherent growth characteristics such as grain patterns, varying colours, knots and other defects or imperfections. The words ‘defect’ and ‘imperfection’ may sound alarming, but in the context of a natural and variable material such as timber it can mean anything already growing naturally in the tree, for example knots; or it can mean things introduced as part of the production and handling process (sawmilling, drying, machining etc.) such as wane or splits. The industry does not consider these defects or imperfections but features which only further enhance the natural beauty and individuality of a timber product.

If, for any reason, this agreement is cancelled or terminated by the Client, KWW will receive payment in full for the phases in progress. In the event that KWW cancels or terminates this agreement, no further payment shall be due other than compensation up to and including time already incurred; as above the Client shall pay for all ordered materials costs on
receipt of appropriate invoice from KWW.

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